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LRVS 2024

LRVS 2024 is underway! Don't miss any of the sessions this year as we're doing 3 events, in 3 regions with a twist!

The events will now be streamed live on LinkedIn and YouTube and they can be accessed afterwards. No need to purchase tickets, simply follow the social media channels to stay updated on the next set of sessions and learn from our speakers in the various regions.

Find links to the events below and we hope to see you there.

LRVS 2023

LRVS 2023  took place in three different regions with a range of speakers! There were 3 global events, one in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. All of these globally renown speakers came together to bring more value to their communities by sharing their expertise and knowledge with attendees. Now, all of the recordings are available for viewing for those who may have missed any of the events.   

LRVS 2022

This 3 day event was truly one for the books! We had over 80 speakers with over 20% being female. The event’s agenda had topics which covered lubrication technologies, reliability, maintenance, leadership, human resources, new innovations, sensors, women in STEM and even 16 topics dedicated to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Thank you to our Keynote Speaker, Dr Juan Flores Preciado of SpaceX who graced the stage and gave us more insight into, “Space & Harsh Environment Lubrication”. The community really came together over the 3 day period to join forces around the globe and share ideas. We are looking forward to LRVS23! 

LRVS 2021

Thank you to the amazing sponsors and speakers!! This really was the Who's Who of Lubrication and Reliability. Thank you to Ryan Chan, CMRP of UpKeep for being this year's Keynote! Of course thank you to all the great attendees!!! There was soooo much interaction, fantastic questions and just plain old fun!! LRVS has become an amazing community and we're grateful to all that participate. Thank you and while this is a good bye for this year, it's not the end!! Looking forward to next year!

LRVS 2020

The combination of a global pandemic and oil price crash has created unprecedented challenges for the Lubrication and Reliability world. This is why we are offered a ground-breaking program which includes representation at the highest levels from across the entire lubrication and reliability realm to help you navigate through these times and implement best practices to pivot and adapt.

Be active and interactive!! One registered attendee who engaged in featured events / forums won an iPad!!

Speaker Podcasts

Some of our LRVS 2021 Speakers were featured on the Maintenance Disrupted Podcast. 

In each of their episodes, they gave a sneak preview of their topic which they discussed in greater detail at LRVS 2021. 

Sanya Mathura

Guillermo Miro

Danny Shorten & Bob Latino

Ryan Chan

Cliff Williams

Greg Livingstone & Pierre Vanderkelen

Paul Hiller

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Joe Anderson

Media Interviews for LRVS