Meet our LRVS 2024 Speakers!

Here's a quick look at some of our Speakers and Panelists for LRVS 2024 along with the topics they will be discussing.

LRVS 2024 AMER Speakers

Building a P-F Curve - A Practical example in Industry

Hassan Abdelnabby

Mechanical Maintenance Deputy Director of AL Zeina Tissue Mill Company

André-Michel Ferrari

Owner of Cogito Reliability Inc

A P-F Curve is used in the Maintenance and Reliability world to combine two concepts: asset degraded condition (still functioning) and failure (loss of function). Its main objective is to guide an operator as to when a repair is due based on the health status of the asset. 

In this presentation, the two authors collaborate and use real life data from a manufacturing plant to build a P-F curve. The first part of the presentation covers the construction of the curve using Reliability Engineering principles. The second part applies the learnings from the P-F curve directly into the Asset Management program.                                                                

Mike Johnson

President of AMRRI

From Cost Center to Competitive Advantage: Creating an Effective Lubrication Plan

This session offers an in-depth exploration of the strategic development of a precision-driven lubrication regimen to enhance equipment reliability. It addresses the challenge of transitioning routine lubrication from a maintenance task to a core component of competitive advantage.


Creating such a plan is often ambiguous, and engineers may struggle to create a robust and accurate lubrication work plan. Mike Johnson will provide a roadmap to build an efficient and reliable machine lubrication service plan.


The presentation will provide insights into the importance of lubricant selection, application methods, and equipment maintenance schedules. The presenter will also touch on the role of technology in creating a precision lubrication work plan.


Participants will acquire a holistic understanding of creating a strategic lubrication plan that prevents equipment failure and positions lubrication as a key element in achieving operational excellence and competitive differentiation.

Blair Fraser

Vice President of UE Systems

From Manual Greasing to Autonomous Lubrication: The Evolution of Bearing Lubrication Technology

The evolution of bearing lubrication technology has been marked by significant milestones, from the laborious task of manual greasing to the sophisticated era of autonomous lubrication systems. "From Manual Greasing to Autonomous Lubrication: The Evolution of Bearing Lubrication Technology" traces this transformative journey, highlighting the advancements that have redefined maintenance protocols and equipment reliability.

Traditional manual lubrication methods, while foundational, were fraught with the risks of human error, inconsistent application, and inefficiency. The advent of automated lubrication technologies marked a pivotal shift towards precision, consistency, and optimization, culminating in the development of intelligent systems capable of real-time monitoring and response. 

These systems, equipped with ultrasound and vibration sensors, not only apply the precise amount of lubricant based on condition monitoring but also gather critical data to inform maintenance decisions, extending the life of machinery and enhancing operational uptime. This presentation explores the trajectory of these innovations, the impact on industrial maintenance, and the future of bearing lubrication as we embrace a fully automated, data-driven approach.

Panel Discussion: Preparing your lube systems for TARs

Jim Hannon


Robert Torres

Amber Industrial Services

Greg Livingstone