• LRVS22 Ambassador's Roll Call!

    If you love LRVS (as much as we do), then the LRVS22 Ambassador
    program is for you!

How does it work? 

  • Ambassadors sign up using the form below. 
  • Once your info is reviewed, we will email you with a Code.
  • This code allows attendees to get 15% discount!
  • Once the Ambassador has reached 5 paid attendees, they can send us an email and we will verify these purchases. 
  • Next, the Ambassador will receive a FREE Ticket for all of their efforts! 

Ambassadors don't need to stop at 5 attendees! They will receive a free ticket for every 5 paid attendees and this can be passed on to one of their friends.

5 Paid Attendees

1 Free Ticket

LRVS22 Ambassador